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Obesity and Sexual Health

Obesity is on the rise in both men and women and there is plenty of attention on how it can impact your overall health.  What people rarely discuss is the impact that it has on your sex life and sexual health.  Obesity and sexual health are tied together especially for men, yet it is a topic that is mostly overlooked.  While there are plenty of overweight men who enjoy a healthy sex drive, there are some problems that come with excess weight, let’s look at them now.

Cardiovascular Problems

Obesity has a tremendous impact on your heart, overweight men have a greater chance of heart attack.  The excess weight also bring with it elevated cholesterol and high blood pressure.  There are circulatory problems that are caused by obesity and that affects penis function, that in turn inhibits your ability to get and sustain an erection.

Poor Stamina

Many men who are overweight often report that sex with a partner is too taxing and they run out of energy before they can achieve an orgasm.

Decreased Nerve Function

Sexual satisfaction depends on having good nerve function.  The excess weight puts pressure on nerve tissue and that stops the pleasurable sensations associated with sex from getting to the brain.  Combine that with type 2 diabetes which is so common in overweight people also wreaks havoc on your nerve tissue. Obesity can cause you to lose sensitivity in your penis making sex less pleasurable.

Body Image Issues

Men can be every bit as self-conscious about the excess weight that they carry around as women are.  The may not be comfortable in getting intimate with a partner because of the way they look.  Fat around the midsection makes the penis looks smaller increasing the anxiety that comes with getting intimate with a partner.  Body image issues and self-esteem go hand in hand, poor self-esteem leads to depression which has a negative impact on your libido.

Solving the Issues

The most obvious solution to improve your sexual function is to take off the weight, and you should do that for your total health not just your sexual health.  During the time it takes for you to lose the weight there are other steps that you can take to improve your sex drive.  Avoiding salty processed foods and switching to a better diet will give you more energy.  Exercise, even going for a walk with improve your stamina and energy levels.