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Fuzion Shiraz-Malbec
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Region: Mendoza
Vineyard: Familia Zuccardi
Variety: Shiraz, Malbec
Reviewer: Alan McGinty


Rich nose of dark red fruit - cherries and plums -  and a decent helping of earthy notes. It's fairly full bodied and quite soft, but there's good acidity and the tannins haven't quite been beaten down to "easy drinking". There is some of the candied quality to the cherry and plum fruit that often comes at the bottom end of the price scale, but the woody notes and tannins do a good job of mitigating it. Very fruity overall, with a bit of sweetness and a modest but pleasant finish. Great value.


Great wine for the price, good luck finding it though! I finally stumbled across some and bought the last three bottles.
Post Reply By Steve on 1/29/2009 7:30:24 PM

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