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Grace Chairman's Reserve
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Region: Shanxi
Vineyard: Grace Vineyard
Variety: Bordeaux Blend
Reviewer: Zoltan Szabo


HTML clipboard The Chairman's Reserve does not compare to any other red I've tasted before, stylistically nor aromatically and flavour-wise it has an original flair to it showcasing certain aspects of the terroir where it is from. However, for a fraction of a second when first smelling and tasting it I thought of similarities with a Niagara Peninsula Bordeaux blend coming from a vintage with below average temperatures...meaning a cold vintage.  There were some underlying green, vegetal aroma and flavour nuances masked by polished French oak "treat", with the mid-palate being sweet fruit-packed (chaptalization?!) and the finish displaying interesting gamey, herbaceous and spicy accents. With its medium plus weight and enough acids combined with gritty tannins it can age for a short term for sure... and I'd love to re-taste it 5 to 8 years from now! It does, indeed, have appeal and a little Chinese grace to it!


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