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Chakana Reserve Malbec
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Region: Mendoza
Vineyard: Proviva
Variety: Malbec
Reviewer: James Geneau


When I first caught eye of this vintage while strolling down the row of bottles at the wine shop, I almost thought that Chaka Khan had followed in the footsteps of all the other celebs and started her own vineyard.  I was relieved to learn otherwise.  The Chakana Reserve Malbec is a lovely bottle from Mendoza in Argentina.  The name, "Chakana", is actually what the local native people used to call the southern cross constellation, becomming a sacred symbol of the people.  As a wine, it is not bad either.  It had deep dark plum colors and plum tastes on the tongue.  Hints of oak as well.  Overall, a great wine for a cold winter night.


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