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Le Theron Cahors
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Region: Cahors
Vineyard: Domaine du Theron
Variety: Malbec
Reviewer: Malcolm Jolley


Here is the great irony of the global wine trade and the unprecedented rise in popularity of red wine since the early 90s. Just as previously obscure regions, like Southwestern France's Cahors, start becoming widely available, the winemakers start changing their methods to conform to global tastes, and the charm of the region is lost.

Cahors is famous as the home of 100% Malbec wines: seriously tannic, big things that took 10 years to mellow before anyone would even think of pouring one into a glass. There are pre WWI Cahors that are still drinking well now. Domaine du Theron's namesake wine, Theron, at seven years (at the time of this review) follows a bit of that tradition. And it could probably rest a few years easily. But it's great now, and a treat to drink a French wine this old right off the shelf at a $20 to $25 price point. It's just in time for cold weather and hardy meals. There's certainly oak here and black cherry notes. A touch of astringency - some pull on the tongue - but it's not unpleasant and provides structure to match against a rich roast beef. To be sipped slowly over dinner.


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