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Cave de Tain
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Region: Crozes Hermitage
Vineyard: Cave de Tain L'Hermitage
Variety: Syrah
Reviewer: Malcolm Jolley


Hermitage is a hill in the Northern Rhône that produces very expensive (and generally delicious) wines. Tain is a nearby village and Crozes Hermitages refers to an AOC down the hill, on the flatlands that grows nearly exclusively Syrah. Cave de Tain is the name of the collective of 290 growers, and the label of a beautifully balanced 2003 Crozes Hermitage. What a stellar difference from highly extracted Shiraz from those appellations closer to the Pacific than Atlantic! The alcohol count on the 2003 Caves de Tain CH is only 12.5%, which is in the range that the Syrah/Shiraz grape has traditionally been vinified at, and it's a fascinating drink just to make the comparison with the rest of the Shiraz's. This includes modern made big Rhônes. There's enough fruit and garrigue to give this wine a punch.


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