Site Requirements

Gremolata suggests that you upgrade to a recent browser in order to use the Gremolata website as it is intended. You may experience problems without a supported web browser. This document covers system requirements for viewing content on and downloading content from the Gremolata website.

Browser Requirements

The Gremolata website is supported by the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. In order to experience the Gremolata website fully, please upgrade to the latest version of one of the following browsers:

Gremolata recommends a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768

At this time, the Gremolata website is not supported fully by the following browser versions. Gremolata is actively working with these companies to resolve issues with the following browsers:

  • Netscape (all versions and platforms)
  • Internet Explorer 5.5 and earlier (Mac OS and Windows)
  • Opera (all versions and platforms)
  • Camino (all versions and platforms)
  • Sea Monkey 1.0 and earlier
  • Mozilla 1.3 (Mac OS X)

Microsoft Silverlight Requirements

Microsoft Silverlight is required for video playback and other features. Install Silverlight now.

Download Requirements

Gremolata recommends a 1mbit DSL/Cable connection or faster for downloading video content.

Other Requirements

JavaScript is used for key functionality on the website; thus, Javascript 1.2 or later must be enabled.

  • Enable JavaScript in your browser. Consult your browser's Help section for information on how to change this setting.
  • Upgrade your browser to a version that supports JavaScript 1.2 or higher (see browser list above).

Cookies must be enabled for certain portions of our site.

  • Make sure cookies are enabled. Consult your browser's Help section for information on how to change this setting.

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