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Hennessy XO
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Producer: Jas Hennessy & Co.
Type: Spirits
Variety: Cognac


It all started back in 1765 when an Irish aristocrat by the name of Richard Hennessy established a trading company on the banks of the Charente River in France.  Here, he started experimenting with the fine art of creating “eau de vie”, or what we today refer to as Cognac.  In 1870, Maurice Hennessy, a descendant, introduced Hennessy XO, and created the first major classification for Cognac.  The XO stood for eXtra Old, and today, this is the quality denomination used by all houses in Cognac, France to indicate an extra aged “eau de vie”.

It is a blend of more than 100 ''eaux-de-vie'' specially selected from the four premier growing areas of Cognac, and aged up to 30 years. When poured, Hennessy XO is a light caramel color and when held up to a light, you can see a slight shimmer to it.  On the nose, you will immediately detect rich aromas of dried fruit, particularly figs.  This is then followed by chocolate and pepper with some notes of cinnamon and cloves.  Depending on what you are enjoying with your Cognac, say a cigar or a piece of dark chocolate, you may notice other aromas like leather or oak.  On the tongue, dried fruit is present as well as chocolate.  This is supported by some serious pepper notes along with some cinnamon and vanilla.  Perhaps even a bit of oak again.  It is elegant, and the texture in your mouth is almost velvet-like. 


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