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Has anyone ever heard of "strawberry-grapes" or tasted any for that matter?

"Strawberry-grapes" was created by an experimental grafting of the strawberry vine onto a regular seedless red grape vine. The result is larger than normal grapes - maybe 30 or 40 to a bunch. Each grape is almost the size of a strawberry, light red in colour, and the taste is phenomenal. The taste is a combination of the tastes of the two fruits - you can still taste the grape, only slightly, and you can taste the strawberry which is the dominant taste. A bunch of grapes can easily weigh 2 kilos and up. The fruit looks more like an enlarged grape. The only characteristics it takes from the strawberry is the larger size and some of the taste. Decilicious fruit, very rich in taste.

Maybe somebody else is up for the challenge of grafting the two vines together for some out-of-this-world hybrid fruit.
Post Reply By pixie in EAST YORK on 9/12/2009 3:28:55 PM

Grapes and Strawberries are fruits that are not even in the same botanical family. Strawberries are more closely related to apples thank they are to grapes. This makes the grafting of grapes and strawberries pretty impossible, except with some crazy genetic engineering. Who every told you about the grafting must have made it up.

I think the grape you are thinking about is called the Fragola grape.
Post Reply By Heather in BURLINGTON on 9/21/2009 1:43:02 AM

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