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What bars, lounges, or restaurants are must attend places during TIFF?


Are you a TIFF fanatic? Always on the prowl to dine next to Brad, Angelina, Steve, or Jennifer? Then we want to know what bars, lounges, or restaurants are must attend places during TIFF? Do you have a secret place or a recommendation? Let the celebs know!
Post Reply By James in ETOBICOKE on 9/9/2009 10:40:08 PM

We are coming to Toronto for TIFF! Glad I caught this before we logged off! Always do dinner in Yorkville. The energy is fantastic! Especially in and around Sassafraz. We are staying at the Hyatt for the weekend, should be filled with celebs. How exciting!
Post Reply By Susan in CALGARY on 9/9/2009 11:29:01 PM

I remember sitting at Starbucks last year with a friend on Yorkville when all of a sudden, a flood of photographers came running from all directions to the Hazelton Hotel. It was madness! Never got a chance to see who they were trying to take a picture of, but they did make a scene. I would say anything in Yorkville is your best bet to see a star. But if I was to suggest a place where the stars should go, I would tell them to try The Black Hoof, The Swan for a Club, and Caplansky's for a Smoked Meat sandwich!
Post Reply By Alexander in TORONTO on 9/10/2009 11:36:04 AM

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