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What is your favorite recipe for Zucchini?


Zucchini are usually cooked by steaming, grilling, or baking. They may also be shredded and added to several breads, cakes, cookies and muffins. In the raw, they may be used in salads or shredded into coleslaw.

What is your favorite recipe for Zucchini? Is it something grilled? Something baked? Or simply shredding them onto a salad? Have your say!
Post Reply By James in ETOBICOKE on 8/30/2009 10:19:58 PM

OMG - LOVE zucchini muffins! This had to be a Canadian Living staple back in 80s because my mother made them every August/September. Love them, but never tried zucchini marmalade. Thanks for the recipe, going to make both this week!
Post Reply By Sarah in TORONTO on 8/31/2009 5:39:50 PM

I just did a blog post last week about Zucchini. Check it, and other local food goodies, out at

That post contains a recipe for Zucchini Bread (which I also remember my mother making in the 80's!), but I also discovered a delicious way to enjoy zucchini as a main course: breaded!

Slice the zucchini and give it some time to sweat. Dredge in flour, egg, and bread crumbs, then fry in hot oil. Place in a baking dish; top with tomato sauce, and/or cheese; and bake until top is brown and zucchini is soft.
Post Reply By Erin in TORONTO on 9/1/2009 12:13:19 PM

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