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Where do you go for locally-sourced and seasonal cocktails?


Toronto bars and restaurants are offering global assortments of spirits and beers but when it comes to unique locally-sourced cocktails, are we behind the trend in places like New York, Vancouver, or Montreal? Where do you go for locally-sourced and creative cocktails? Is there a hidden gem in the city serving up seasonal cocktail creations or has the city gone dry? Share your thoughts!
Post Reply By James in ETOBICOKE on 8/18/2009 11:24:58 PM

If you're in the Okanagan, you visit the Liquid Chefs at RauDZ Regional Table in Kelowna for the best local and fresh cocktails. They create the cocktails from fresh fruit purees and even add apricots from the chefs century old tree, fresh thyme from their garden and cherries from their backyards. They are amazing and absolutely local. Cheers to the Liquid Chefs!
Post Reply By Alison in KELOWNA on 8/19/2009 5:00:05 PM

My wife and I went to Vancouver a few weeks ago and actually had drinks at Voya based on Gremolata's restaurant listing. We didn't eat there but the young man tending bar certainly did love to talk about his art of the drink. He showed us some of the ingredients they used - all from BC and explained how they change their cocktail list to match the changing seasons and access to fresh ingredients. Very inspiring. I have never experienced anything else like it.
Post Reply By Franco in RICHMOND HILL on 8/20/2009 10:10:38 PM

I go to Rundles, in Stratford, where I know they make the most amazing fresh tomato juice (but, you need to call ahead at least 24hrs before your reservation to secure the most excellent Bloody Mary).
Post Reply By Richard in STRATFORD on 8/21/2009 4:20:37 PM

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