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What would happen if local food-focused initiatives became a part of our national economic policy?


What would happen if local food-focused initiatives became a part of our national economic policy? Would society be better? Would federal dollars to support micro-economies to grow and support local food communities flop or thrive? The programs underway by groups like Toronto's Foodshare are having a positive impact. Maybe they need a bit more juice? Have your say!
Post Reply By James in ETOBICOKE on 8/17/2009 11:45:49 PM

I heard a speech from Obama a few months ago where he was talking about "micro-economies" and local-food. It all boiled down to investing in greener technology and initaitives and that sometimes job creation on a smaller scale can have a larger impact on society. I think this is the future of small-business in North America. What if we gave $1 million to each city over 30,000 and told them to build a community garden program where the seeds and plants could be re-sold to provide those in need with reliable income. Next, force the school boards and government offices to buy food from thee gardens instead of imported junk from Mexico. It is not communism, it is responsible governement.
Post Reply By Sarah in TORONTO on 8/18/2009 1:37:30 PM

I wouldn't mind if the federal government woke up and realised that sustaining Canada's agricultural system is important in the short term economic recovery, and will be crucial for Canada's long-term economic livelyhood. Do we really want to be stuck in a bind with future rising food costs in California & Mexico due to environmental damage caused by over-production (salinization of California's aquifers) and global warming (drought in Mexico); or rising costs of overseas food due to the increase of the cost of oil.

To bad that farmers are only 2% of the voting population. Probably why the government doesn't care about the disaperance of our local farms.
Post Reply By Heather in BURLINGTON on 8/21/2009 2:05:03 PM

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