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What food policy question would you ask the CIPA conference members this weekend


This is Our Discussion Tpic of the Day for Friday, August 7, 2009.

With the leading players in the world of Food in Canada attending the CIPA conference this weekend, we wanted to know… What food policy question would you ask the CIPA conference members? This is your forum. Share your ideas and we will be sure to let the people involved see your questions. Who knows, it could provoke discussions for next year’s conference!
Post Reply By James in ETOBICOKE on 8/6/2009 11:00:27 PM

I would like to know why our regulations for food inspection standards are so rigorous that smaller artisan players cannot run a business while larger corporate manufacturers have scare after scare of disease outbreak. I think we need to go back to the old-school European model of food monitoring.
Post Reply By Franco in RICHMOND HILL on 8/7/2009 9:02:07 AM

I agree. We should be looking into the rules in place for monitoring food inspection. There are many but at the end of the day do they really help us or hinder things? We are over regulated in my opinion and have far more health issues than our friends in other countries.
Post Reply By Deborah in MISSISSAUGA on 8/7/2009 9:36:11 AM

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