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What do you do with a bunch of Gooseberries?


This is Gremolata's Discussion Topic of the Day for July 20th:

We all know what to do with strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries, but what about the gooseberry. We searched our cookbooks and found a few recipes for sauces, but we know there has to be other options for this special little fruit. What do you do with a bunch of Gooseberries?

Do you have a recipe? Maybe a special dessert idea or an easy to make jam recipe passed down from your grandmother? Share your thoughts and lets help this delicious berry become a kitchen staple this season!
Post Reply By James in ETOBICOKE on 7/19/2009 10:44:02 PM

I remember my grandmother used to boil them down with some sugar to make a little compote for ice cream. We would eat them with a scoop of ice cream on a fresh made scone and a drizzle of gooseberry goop! It was delicious.
Post Reply By Sarah in TORONTO on 7/20/2009 11:56:34 AM

I fried some Ontario pork chops and used gooseberries in my pan sauce with pretty good results!
Post Reply By Amber in TORONTO on 7/24/2009 11:48:46 AM

Last year I made a savoury sauce of gooseberries and red currants to serve with meat. I think it was with chicken. As I remember I reduced some wine along with the fruit and some onions. It was nice but I would appreciate if anyone has a more exact recipe as things can always be improved, n'est-ce pas?
Post Reply By Peter C in DEMORESTVILLE on 7/24/2009 1:02:23 PM

"Gooseberry Fool" used to be a familiar recipe in English cookbooks and English-language Canadian cookbooks. Starting in the mid 18th century, cookbook authors such as Hannah Glasse in The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy (1747) combined gooseberry pulp with either whipped cream or milk thickened with eggs to make a thick creamy dish served as part of the second course. If you use more or less the same quantities as gooseberry pulp and either cream or custard, you will have a delicious dessert. Don't forget to blend in white sugar to cut the sourness of the berries.

Another old way to use gooseberries was to make a fruit wine.
Post Reply By Fiona in TORONTO on 8/5/2009 8:50:38 PM