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Is it worth it? We didn't resubscribe.


Our household of two subscribed to a Plan B's 1/2 gourmet share last year which works out to about $30/week over the course of the summer. Pros: great tasting food, eye opening about seasonality (gosh it takes a long time before the harvest comes in up here), tried some new foods. Cons: 1) Awkward to pick up (we could have had the share delivered for an additional fee but didn't deem it good value at the time), two busy people and sometimes the house where we went to pick up would...gasp...try to give away our food by Sunday evening. And they did, once. We were not happy. 2) No instructions. I had never cooked with a Tomatillo. When it came in my basket I had no idea what this little green ball was. Really. NO IDEA. It wasn't until I stopped by a gourmet grocery store one day and saw them selling there that I could even figure out what I should be googling. We *did* need to have our hands held a bit more and there was no support - no names of what we were eating, no recipes...
Post Reply By Julia in TORONTO on 7/13/2009 3:48:29 PM

I had a Plan B share last year and received emails from them with recipe ideas for the food we got in our box. I really liked the surprise of what was new in the box each week.

I now buy food from Plan B at their stand at the Farmers Market. I didn't get a share this year since I have a backyard garden and I can find great local organic food at the Dundas Farmers Market (which wasn't around last year).
Post Reply By Heather in BURLINGTON on 9/21/2009 1:56:19 AM

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