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Anyone know what grilled egg plant goes with?


I bought one and want to slice and grill it but don't know what it goes with. How do you even season it?
Post Reply By Street_Science in MILTON on 6/26/2009 1:14:36 PM

Hello Mr. Street Science.

I have prepared eggplant in kabobs with chicken, onions, and peppers. I have also sliced them, brushed them in olive oil, and simply grilled them on the barbecue with whatever I happened to be cooking as a main. They make a great side. Of course, in Winter, Eggplant Parmesan is another favorite and can be served on its own! Good luck!
Post Reply By Mary in ST CATHARINES on 6/27/2009 7:44:52 PM

I've had luck in the past slicing them quite thinly (less than one cm.), brushing with a mixture of olive oil/garlic/salt/pepper, and then grilling briefly -- hover over the BBQ, as they will cook very quickly. Then cut into smaller pieces and mix with mint, crumbled feta cheese, and a drizzle of lemon. Dollops of some kind of tahini/lemon/oil add an interesting touch. Bon Appetit!
Post Reply By Riali in TORONTO on 7/3/2009 1:34:07 PM

I agree with above, grilled egglant is great I slice mine thick round slices, put on paper towel with a bit of salt to sweat the water off, brush with well seasoned olive oil, and grill on BBQ.

Try to grill on fairly high heat so you will have a nice pattern of black grill marks. Serve as a vegetarian hamburger, refrigerate the extra and serve cold egglant slices next day. Mummm.
Post Reply By Jocelyne in PICKERING on 7/4/2009 4:12:30 PM

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