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Health Food Spa


Do these exist in Ontario? I went to one in Florida. All of the food was healthy and wholesome and the menu designed to cleanse the body. Spa focused for detox. Somebody should do that here in Ontario!
Post Reply By Deborah in MISSISSAUGA on 6/21/2009 9:32:59 PM

Do you mean like a medical spa or a weight loss spa? I think many B&Bs offer healthy alternatives but nothing like the resorts in the US where they offer health treatments, spa services, and nutrition coaching. Would be a good business if it did exist!
Post Reply By Alexander in TORONTO on 6/22/2009 12:08:51 PM

In fact, there is one like this in Ontario - and it just opened 2 days ago!

Saraswati Wellness Spa is run by a naturopath, Dr. Maureen Horne-Paul. In addition to lovely and therapeutic spa services, she will get her guests in the kitchen and work side by side with them to help them integrate her suggestions for nutrition and healthy living. She will also be able to offer genuine restorative and preventive health care. I couldn't be more impressed with what she's doing - and I'm just one of her suppliers!

Here is her website:

She's just outside of Picton, in Prince Edward County, which is an awesome place to visit anyway.
Post Reply By Bonnie in OSHAWA on 7/3/2009 9:45:43 AM

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