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Looking for a food-focused getaway for my parent's anniversary, HELP!


First off, like the new discussion board. Second, I need a food and drink focused getaway for my parent's anniversary this summer. I deally something within 1-2 hours from Richmond Hill.

Is there a company that offers packaged trips? Or a place where I can simply book it and they take care of the rest. Parents are real foodies and I want them to have a fun (and filling) time!
Post Reply By Cathy in ETOBICOKE on 6/18/2009 10:47:27 AM


There is a new group called Field Trip that runs day trips from the GTA to various farms. See for info.

Post Reply By Erin in TORONTO on 6/18/2009 12:28:25 PM

Hi Cathy,
Yes, I agree, I like this new forum also.
Anyhoooo, regards your query, you could try Gurth Pretty of Canadian Cheese. While he does not do local culinary tours any longer, he does do "Nibble and Sips".
"Nibble and Sips" are private food and wine pairings in the comfort of your own home. I believe he is also a sommolier.
At any rate I understand they are alot of fun, and perhaps this is something to also consider, or have on file for something in the future.
All the best and I am sure that whatever you plan, your mum and dad will have a terrific time, and it will be wonderful.
Suzanne Manvell of Brockton Village/Little Portugal Toronto
Post Reply By Suzanne in TORONTO on 6/18/2009 3:41:01 PM

Hi Cathy,

I love this discussion board too! What a fabulous idea, Gremolata. :)

I run a business called ChowBella Culinary Experiences + Concierge, which specializes in culinary tours and other adventures in Ontario. If you take a look at the website (, you will see we offer both group tours and custom travel itineraries. I'm sure we could come up with a fun day or weekend getaway for your parents' anniversary. Feel free to contact me at if you're interested.

All the best,
Post Reply By Trina in TORONTO on 6/18/2009 4:43:35 PM

How about an evening dinner at the jackson Trigg's winery? They have a fantastic 5 course meal. Each course is in a different part of the winery. The main course is in the candlelit cellar surrounded by the wine barrels. It's about $140 per person, but fully worth it for a memorable experience.
Post Reply By Yves in EAST YORK on 6/19/2009 4:18:55 PM

Wow! These are great ideas. Thank you. I was thinkign more of a B&B package with food and wine tours packaged. May look at your suggestion Trina!
Post Reply By Cathy in ETOBICOKE on 6/19/2009 8:24:00 PM


What about a weekend in Stratford? I can set your parents up on a wonderful culinary tour of the area plus a stay at a B&B there. Maybe even some tickets to a production at the Stratford Festival. Let's chat if you're interested.

Post Reply By Trina in TORONTO on 6/21/2009 8:48:41 PM

Crush Tours ( offers tours of the Niagara wine region. There's a wealth of accommodation choices, from B&B's to 5 star resorts. You could easily put together your own package. It's a bit of a hike from Richmond Hill but probably well worth the journey.
Post Reply By christine in NORTH YORK on 6/26/2009 10:45:04 AM

I would look to friends of mine, James and Richard, at Rundles here in Stratford:

They rent their wonderful Rundles-Morris House during their restaurant season:

The breakfasts are unlike anything I've experienced anywhere else, and one can dine next door at Rundles, or, their Sophisto-Bistro during restaurant hours. I think the rate is $600.00 per night...
Post Reply By Richard in STRATFORD on 8/1/2009 9:20:22 AM

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