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What is your favorite Ontario wine and why?


This is Gremolata's Discussion Topic of the day for Thursday, June 18, 2009.

Do you have a favorite Ontario wine? The awards for the best were given out last Tuesday. We want to know who you think is doing great things in Ontario when it comes to wine...discuss!
Post Reply By James in ETOBICOKE on 6/18/2009 10:30:16 AM

Anything from Prince Edward County especially Norm Hardey's Pinot Noir. It is too bad cannot get it at LCBO.
Post Reply By Elizabeth in COLLINGWOOD on 6/18/2009 11:14:02 AM

I have several--they are all white because I consider it "white wine season" right now.I love all of these as either a pre dinner cocktail or a perfect sipper for a hot afternoon on a lazy summer Saturday.....: )

Chateau des Charmes--St. David's Bench--Sauvignon Blanc
Sandbanks "Dunes" or Riesling (Thanks to the lounge East on Queen in the Beach for introducing me to this)
Flatrock--Twisted White
Post Reply By Kathleen in TORONTO on 6/18/2009 1:08:53 PM

Agree with you Kathleen. Like Flatrock. BIG fan of Chateau des Charmes, and also into Sandbanks! Pelee Island has vineyards but not familiar with them. Anyone have advice? Is there more than just the Pelee ISland brand you see in LCBO? Anything boutique?
Post Reply By Greg in TORONTO on 6/18/2009 2:02:32 PM

Malivoire Ladybug is a great patio wine. I've been enjoying the Flat Rock Pinot and anything Lailey makes.
Post Reply By Norm in EAST YORK on 6/18/2009 3:18:05 PM

Wow a big subject and I don't know that I can limit myself. How about one per varietal? I live in Prince Edward County and so the majority will be from there. BTW, I do agree about Malivoire's Lady Bug, has been a fave for a number of years. And I also like their Melon de Bourgogne, AKA, Martin's Oyster Wine.

Pinot Noir - a tie between Long Dog's Otto 2007 (although the new Top Dog may be even better - haven't tasted it), Norman Hardie's Cuvee L 2007 and I also like the Closson Chase Iconoclast 2007 (their premium blend of Niagara and County).

Pinot Gris - gotta be Long Dog's 2007 Francesca - really a gray wine - almost looks like a Tavel or another pale Rose in the glass.

Chard - Another tough call - Long Dog's 2007 is ecstasy in a glass, as is the 07 Norman Hardie. Have some Closson Chase 07 but not yet uncorked so can't comment yet.

Cab Franc - Sandbanks with hon mention to Rosehall Run

Baco Noir - Sandbanks Reserve

Marechal Foch - Sandbanks Reserve

Post Reply By Peter C in DEMORESTVILLE on 6/30/2009 10:27:29 AM

When it comes to stunning, unique Ontario wines, I've got to give my award to Stratus White. It's like nothing of this world, thanks to to the six-plus white varieties that go into it. It's marvelous with food, and you get something different in every sip.
Post Reply By John in OTTAWA on 7/1/2009 1:54:53 PM

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