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Anita Stewart

Guelph & Wellington County
Founder of CUISINE CANADA and Member since 1995

Gastronomer, culinary activist, author and communicator, Anita Stewart is the first Canadian to earn a Master of Arts in Gastronomy from The University of Adelaide in South Australia & Le Cordon Bleu (Paris). She is the first culinary journalist to be given a lifetime membership as a Professional Agrologist by the Ontario Institute of Agrologists for her “outstanding contribution to Ontario agriculture.”

As a culinary adventurer she has been holding up a mirror to Canada and its people for over two
decades since the publication of her first book in 1984. Her skills in research and in recipe development have enabled her to publish 14 books. Her most recent, Anita Stewart's CANADA ~ The Food, The Recipes, The Stories is a pan-Canadian odyssey tracing the history of our major ingredients while peeking into dozens of multi-ethnic home kitchens and hit the Globe and Mail's Best Seller List.

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