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Christine Sismondo

Toronto-based Christine Sismondo is a writer and lecturer at York University. She was also the guest curator of Bottoms Up! A Spirited History of Drink in Canada, an exhibit put together by University of Toronto's Museum Studies. She has written extensively on the subjects of drinking, vice, film and literature for a wide variety of national and widely-circulating publications, such as The Walrus, The National Post and the Toronto Star and the author of a literary non-fiction history of cocktails: Mondo Cocktail: A Shaken and Stirred History. Sismondo is currently working on a non-fiction history of vice and prohibition and recently launched In Our Cups, a drinks consulting and custom mix company with Sue Ketcheson.


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10/22/2008 Cheap Booze: A Guide To Drinking Through The Recession
12/10/2008 Sismondo's Gift Guide
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5/20/2009 The Importance of Ice – A Tale of Two Drinks

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