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Noelle Munaretto

Noelle is a Toronto-based journalist who has a focus on unique food experiences within Canada's largest city.  She is a student of the Ryerson University School of Journalism and a dedicated foodie.


8/29/2008 How to Buy a Knife
8/29/2008 Edible Flowers
8/29/2008 Plating
8/29/2008 Rare Culinary Herbs
8/29/2008 Robert Clark and Vancouver's OceanWise
8/29/2008 Marc Breton, Jamie Kennedy and Andrew Milne-Allan on Seasonality
8/29/2008 Festival Celebrates Local Fruit
8/29/2008 Teas for Tasting
8/29/2008 Toronto Fishmongers
8/29/2008 Colette Murphy's Urban Harvest

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