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Lorette C. Luzajic

Lorette is Gremolata's resident Spice Girl.  She delves into the history, lore, preparation, nutrition, and usage of spices. One spice at a time, she will give you some background information, anecdotes, and practical tips for bringing a particular herb or spice into your cuisine, encouraging an exploratory spirit while dining out as well as surefire ways to use it at home. You’ll get info on the formidable nutritional benefits many herbs have and ideas for preparing delicious meals.

Like most people, she wasn’t born a good cook, and considered a handful of ingredients confusing. But now she has over 70 spice jars and she uses them all!



8/29/2008 Chef Chandra and the Curse of the Talking Heads
8/29/2008 Spilling The Beans: The Trouble with Soy
10/24/2008 Big Fat Burrito
11/12/2008 I'm A Natural Born Killer
1/14/2009 Khat Got Your Tongue
1/14/2009 Mistresses of Spices: Ethiopian Food
2/10/2009 Rancho Relaxo is the Whole Enchilada
3/25/2009 The Sweetest Taboo: An Anthropology of Anthropophagy

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