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James Geneau

A member of the Gremolata team since 2007, James comes from a family where food was a big part of daily life.  His mother, a nutritionist and educator.  His brother, currently a chef in Vancouver.  He loves to eat, drink, and share his thoughts on-line.


8/29/2008 Bake Shops: The Return of the Decade of Sweets?
8/29/2008 Apocalypse Chow?
8/29/2008 One Cup of Compost Please!
9/23/2008 Where's The Good Beef?
10/9/2008 A Curry With The Mates
10/22/2008 Downsizing The Business Lunch
10/30/2008 Stop Passing The Courvoisier!
11/5/2008 If I Only Had A Brain's
11/19/2008 The Junction Re-Born
12/4/2008 The Brini-ish Invasion
12/22/2008 Top Wines of 2008
12/24/2008 Top Restaurants 2008
1/7/2009 A Growing Season. An Opportunity For Change.
1/7/2009 Pastanomics 101
1/14/2009 The Hardest Working Someliers in America
1/22/2009 Homecooking Boredomisus
1/28/2009 Arizona's Good Food Rennaissance
2/4/2009 Patron? Don’t Think So – I’s Going Old School
2/10/2009 Breaking Up Is Delicious!
3/10/2009 An East Coast Ode to Ireland
4/1/2009 God Bless Vancouver
4/15/2009 Home Bar Orphans: Vol. 1 - Grand Marnier
5/13/2009 Home Bar Orphans: Vol. 2 - Hennessy XO
5/20/2009 What's Next? A Locavorgy?
1/27/2018 Michael Pollan, Food Inc., and a Lady Named Oprah
2/1/2018 Groundhog's Day Pie Anyone?
4/26/2018 Tw’Eat’ing With Your Mouth Closed.
7/25/2018 Food Day Canada

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