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200 Best Panini Recipes

Tiffany Collins
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Publisher: Robert Rose
Format: Cookbook
Cuisine: Sandwiches


This book was a Winter 2009 pick of the week by Gremolata's Dean Tudor.

This little book is by Tiffany Collins, who currently serves as culinary spokesperson for the Texas Beef Council. 35 panini here are made from beef; this represents one-sixth of the book. Panini, for the uninitiated cook, are pressed and grilled sandwiches. You can take almost any sandwich and make it into a panini: just keep the ooze factor to a minimum. This book has several hundred recipes, if you count all the variations, and it is a good place to begin.

The arrangement is by format or content, such as breakfast and brunch panini, vegetarian, seafood (smoked salmon, red onion, cream cheese and caper panini), poultry, meat (beef, caramelized onions and blue cheese panini), deli, leftover, panini for kids, and desserts (chocolate, hazelnut and strawberry panini). She has riffs such as classic Reuben panini, Montecristo panini, Philly chicken panini, chicken Caesar, lobster fontina, even pizza panini.

Some of the preps are glamorous such as the sardine and balsamic tomato panini. Others are upscale. The type of bread is up to you, she says, but ciabatta and focaccia are best according to the author. The book shows the standard Robert Rose approach: larger typeface and additional leading, avoirdupois and metric measurements, colour plates with page references, cooks notes, and index. Audience and level of use: basic sandwich primer. Some interesting or unusual recipes/facts: see above. The downside to this book: this is a sandwich book, and you can easily “panini” any sandwich. The upside to this book: there is a chapter on condiments.



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