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A Day At elBulli

Ferran Adria, Juli Solter, Albert Adria
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Publisher: Phaidon
Format: Art Book
Cuisine: Spanish


Art book publisher Phaidon has created the ultimate food book: an encyclopaedia of information about Ferran Adria, his restuarant elBulli and the 70 people who make up his team. Since every year 2,000,000 reservation requests are taken for only 8,000 spots, this may be the closest many of us gets to dining at "The World's Best Restaurant".

The scope of the book is as big as the 600 page tome, though - like Adria's famous foamy "airs" - it is never heavy. There's a playfulness to the events revealed in the thousands of pictures that cover everything from high-concept sketches and high-tech equpment to how and where elBulli takes their garbage.

Adria is without question the most influencial chef of the century so far. It's hard to see where cuisine can go from here and facinating to watch him work in A Day at elBulli. But it's not all liquid nitrogen. The book also shows the elBulli is a country restaurant, and at it's heart a Mediterranean one. In fact, this book makes the temple of gastronomy and its master seem very human. And it makes its reader curious,  hungry and wondering about those 8,000 spots.


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