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Jennifer McLagan
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Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
Format: Cookbook
Cuisine: Food


Let no one speak evil of butter again! Jennifer McLagan's tour de force is subtitled 'An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient', and this book is part an impassioned plea to forget the junk science of the last 50 years, part an excellent and earthy cookbook, which revives the use of an ingredient we would have starved without not long ago, and part a visual celebration of lardo-porno. The Toronto and Paris-based McLagan is a food stylist, as well as a James Beard Award winning author, and McClelland & Stewart has backed-up her rich style with beautifully produced book.

From 'How to Handle Foie Gras' to 'Faggots with Onion Gravy', Fat is almost radical-traditional. McLagan's not the first to challenge the shunning of animal fat, but she does it with charm and a sense of humour, which makes her the most effective author on the subject to date. Her lovely collection of ready to make recipes, elevates her to la creme de la creme. Like her previous book, Bones, this volume also doubles as a refence work, with tons of interesting anectdotes on whichever kind of fat is featured. A foodie must have.


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