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Friday, October 10, 2008

Bob Rae To Enter Great Turkey Debate of '08

I think this is great PR:


Bob Rae to “Stuff the Ballot Box” with All the Best Fine Foods


Bob Rae at All the Best Fine Foods this Saturday, October 11th from 4-5 to talk turkey, politics and participate in a cooking demonstration


Toronto, ON (October 9th, 2008) - All the Best Fine Foods is holding a one of a kind event on Saturday, October 11th from 3-6 aptly titled “Stuffing the Ballot Box.”  Bob Rae will be on site from 4-5pm for this event to talk turkey and participate in a thanksgiving cooking demonstration alongside Chef Chris Klugman.


All the Best Fine Foods has created two meals that are bound to have everyone talking turkey this Thanksgiving - Stephen’s Turkey Dinner Extravaganza and Stéphane’s Turkey Dinner Extraordinaire. Chef Chris Klugman has managed to kill two birds with one stone – providing feasters with great food and an exciting topic of conversation.  


Guests will be invited to taste the two turkey dinners and “stuff the ballot box” by voting on their favourite dinner.


We would like to invite you to this event. Please let me know if you are coming so we can accurately plan how many birds to roast.  Also, let us know if you’re bringing a camera so we can make enough space for you.


About All the Best Fine Foods

All the Best Fine Foods is a dynamic gourmet food company in mid-town Toronto that specializes in fabulous ready-to-go savoury dishes and freshly baked products such as flatbreads and breads. All the Best also carries an exceptional selection of artisanal cheeses. The retail gourmet food store was established in 1984 in a century-old building on the edge of Rosedale. All the Best Fine Foods is located at 1101 Yonge Street, steps away from Summerhill subway station.




For more information please contact:


Miranda Keyes

NATIONAL Public Relations




Miranda Keyes

NATIONAL Public Relations

310 Front Street West, Suite 500

Toronto, ON Canada M5V 3B5

Direct 416.586.1914

Main 416.586.0180

Fax 416.586.1916

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

3 Facts About Ferran Adria

Fact 1: Of the four North American cities Chef Ferran Adria is visiting this week to promote his new book, A Day at elBulli, the first he chose to visit begins with a "T" and ends with an "O", and it's not Toledo. (The other three are NYC, LA and SF.)

Fact 2: At approximately 5 PM EDT this evening, in a U of T theater packed with several hundred fans and students, THE BEST CHEF IN THE WORLD promised to return to Toronto with his creative team to look for inspiration.

Fact 3: At approximately 6 PM EDT this evening at the same place, to the same people, Chef Adria repeated his pledge. (I think he had a good time in Hogtown, eh.)

Some more non-fiction about Ferran Adria in Toronto...

A) None of this would have happened without Alison Fryer of The Cook Book Store, who consistently gets the best chefs in the world to come to her best shop in the world;

B) When I interviewed THE BEST CHEF IN THE WORLD this morning he absolutely beamed about the local food and wine served here (which probably has a lot to do with Fact 2); and

C) The interview will be up tomorrow afternoon - the guy is more than a genius he's funny, generous and a true gentleman. He also has a lot of surprising (at least to me) things to say...

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Turkey Vote 2008

So what Turkey are you voting for?

All The Best Fine Foods (which - full discloser - is an advertiser on Gremolata) has a pretty funny Thanksgiving Dinner 'Ballot' whereby customers can choose between "Harper’s Turkey Dinner Extravaganza" or "Dion’s Turkey Dinner Extraordinaire".

Go to their website,, and click on the bird to see the whole thing.

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