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South Africa
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Producer: Amarula
Type: Spirits
Variety: Liqueurs


Amarula is a South African cream liqueur made with sugar, cream and the fruit of the African Marula tree - also referred to as the Elephant Tree or the Marriage Tree.  To show the connection with the Elephant Tree, Amarula uses the animal on their bottle and labels.  They are also major supporters of Elephant conservation efforts.

Amarula was first introduced to the mass markets in September 1989. Taste wise, it has a slightly fruity caramel flavor with a smooth aftertaste.  While unknown to many, Amarula is actually one of the top selling liqueurs in the world and gaining great popularity, particularly in the North American market.

Amarula can be served on ice (on the rocks) or blended with other spirits in cocktails.  Looking for a decadent treat?  Try pouring some Amarula on a rich high-fat Vanilla ice cream.  Divine!


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