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Pilsner Urquell
Czech Republic
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Producer: SAB Miller
Type: Beer
Variety: Pilsner


Pilsner Urquell translates to ‘from the original source, Plzen.’  Pilsner Urquell is still brewed with the same ingredients and methods used by Josef Groll when he created the first golden beer.  Prior to 1842, beer was dark and cloudy.  At that time, beer was brewed in open vats, with fermentation occurring at the top of the brew, giving rise to the term ‘top-fermented’ beer.  Groll stored the barrels of unfinished beer in the brewery cellars; the cooler temperatures required a different type of yeast that became known as bottom fermenting yeast.

Plzen gave Groll access to natural resources of an incomparable quality:  a select type of two-row fine-husk barley, a unique strain of yeast as well as the locally-grown Saaz hops which are considered to be the best in the world, partnered with soft Plzen water.  The brewery still produces their own malt to this day, controlling all elements of the brewing process.  This beer has been described as having an intensely hoppy flavour, crisp body with a well-matched balance of slight sweetness and floral bitterness.


Crisp and refreshing! It's my fav. pilsner
Post Reply By Jack on 9/25/2008 7:37:52 PM

beer! lovely idea!
Post Reply By paul on 9/25/2008 5:33:02 PM

Love this beer. My Favorite on the summer patio!
Post Reply By Jack on 9/25/2008 4:03:50 PM

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