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Calgary Farmers' Market Guide 2018

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By Fresh Bites

Calgary sits at a pretty great spot when it comes to fresh food.  The Okanagan to the west, farmland to the east, and cattle country to the south.  As a result, the farmers’ market scene is pretty diverse.  Here is a selection of a few markets you may want to check out…

Grassroots Northland Farmer's Market – Tuesdays, 3:30pm-7:30pm

The Grassroots Northland Farmer's Market was started by three women in the community with a hope to raise money for environmental issues. They successfully ran the market each week for 15 years. The Grassroots Skaters Foundation has since been given the good fortune to be able to take over this market, and plan to make it even bigger and better.

Airdrie Farmers' Market – Wednesdays, 3:30pm-7pm

This market, run by the legion in Airdrie, is mostly held outdoors, with some vendors inside the Legion building. The Airdrie Farmers Market has approximately 40 full time vendors and a large variety of drop in Vendors, giving the market a total of 50-70 different vendors each week. This is a NEW market, and the vendors, manager, and Legion members are very excited about its potential.

Calgary Hillhurst Sunnyside Farmers Market – Wednesdays, 3:30pm-7:30pm

In the Sunnyside area of the city, this market is a great place for locally-sourced goods each and every Wednesday. The HSCA Farmers’ Market is distinguished as an “Alberta Approved” market, through Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD) – like many others.   By participating in this provincial program, consumers can be sure they are purchasing the highest quality goods from local sources, where the practices of the market and the vendors meet high expectations and constantly strive to meet or exceed industry best standards.

South Calgary Public Farmers Market – Thursdays, 3:30pm-7pm              

On site, you will find anything from fresh, handpicked B.C produce to home grown Alberta Veggies & Saskatoons. With numerous reliable produce vendors, this will be your one stop shop for weekly fresh, clean, and tasty items. For the rest of your weekly meal planning you will find homemade soups, lasagna, pies, breads, preserves, sauces, perogies, & meat. Don't forget to pick up your homemade pies, tarts, squares, poppycock, and so much more!

Blackfoot Farmers' Market – Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays, 8am-5pm

The Blackfoot Market is the oldest and longest running outdoor market in Calgary - privately owned and operated since 1976. Purchase locally grown, farm-fresh produce and have the opportunity to personally interact with the farmer who grows the produce. Blackfoot Farmers Market brings you the best of farm-fresh produce that changes throughout the year as new crops reach their peak of ripeness.

Calgary Farmers' Market – Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays, 9am-5pm

Open year round, the Calgary Farmers’ Market feeds your local food diet.  Their producers bring Alberta farm fresh products to the Market every week. Enjoy fresh baking from one of six bakers, locally raised products from meat (beef, pork, elk, bison, rabbit, sausages,), poultry (chicken, duck ostrich, turkey, eggs) and dairy producers. These products and more are available every day the market is open.

Calgary Bearspaw Farmers' Market – Sundays, 10am-2pm

A great source for local food, crafts, and artisanal products.  Located just outside of Calgary, the market is home to over 100 vendors offering a wide variety of fresh, local produce and this year’s market promises to be the best ever.



Why not rate and comment on each of these markets and let others know what is great about each of these markets?  Simply follow one of the links above and leave your comments, add them to your favorites, or share them with friends on Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace!  Get the word out and help support our farmers’ markets in Greater Calgary!


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