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Changes Are Coming to Gremolata.com

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By Fresh Bites

Hold Tight Folks! We have exciting enhancements under development.

The past few months have been interesting - to say the least.  As you know, our previous Editor left Gremolata this past Summer and we immediately made some programming changes to address this sudden departure.  We introduced our daily Fresh Bites as a temporary solution to manage a sudden absence of an editorial resource and an even more constrained staffing situation.  The goal was to keep you informed while we restructured and assembled a new team to manage the editorial tone at Gremolata.  We introduced discussion boards, began sharing recipes, focused on the local and seasonal, and added daily wine and book reviews.  As a result, our membership is up and our visitor traffic has seen a 30% increase.  We thank you for your continued support of Gremolata and for helping us in our success.

During this time we have been studying the market, listening to our members, and taking a step back to figure out the age old question…what do people need and want?

Several weeks ago, Gremolata launched a survey to our members soliciting feedback on the site in an attempt to better understand what got you excited when it came to good food and drink.  Our new team has also spent time reading your e-mail suggestions, observing the stats from the survey, and gaining a better understanding of the demands of you, our valued readers.  And so, effective November 1st, we will be making changes based on the majority of your suggestions.

Gremolata’s Fresh Bites eNewsletter will move to being a weekly e-mail update offering “themed content” - based on reader feedback.  This will allow Gremolata to provide you with the information you have expressed as being important in a clear and structured manner.  We will continue to offer daily wine and book recommendations as well as ongoing feature articles and blogs on our Web site as they become available.  However, our “broadcasted” programming (e-mail, daily updates, etc..) will change to deliver content in a structured format based on four key areas you indicated as being most valuable.  These key areas are what we refer to as…See, Savour, Sip, & Shop.  Each week, we will focus on one of these themes.

See refers to exciting and inspirational content related to culinary getaways and “foodie” travels both abroad and close to home.  With your edition of “See”, we will share the best food and drink events in the coming months, ideas for exploring other culinary cultures and locales, as well as share interesting restaurants and “must-see” experiences for any foodie.

Savour will be our monthly edition dedicated to seasonal ingredients, but more importantly – inspirational recipes, stories and ideas to help you get the most out of them.  We will share ideas for entertaining, easy at home meals, and tips and techniques from experts for making your kitchen the focal point of your home and the table a place for celebration.

Sip shouldn’t need much of an introduction.  This edition will focus on trends in drink with content dedicated to exploring the world of wines, spirits, cocktails, and more.  With “Sip”, we hope to inspire you with great picks from leading sommeliers and experts in the art of the drink to make your glass fun, educational, and fulfilling.

Shop will be the last of the rotating themes before we start the cycle all over again the following month.  With “Shop”, we will share news on kitchen essentials and tips for shopping of interest to foodies.  Content will be focused on seasonal gifts, farmers’ markets, gourmet stores, and quality products.  It will also provide educational or informative tips to inspire and help you get the most out of your kitchen pantry.

We will be taking a break next week to prepare for our first themed edition.  You can expect to receive this the first week of November and the coming months, more enhancements to make the Web site an even better experience for you.  We have taken great efforts to listen and we hope that you will find this new format to be in line with your desire for inspirational stories, ideas, and insight.  Of course, as always, we have a continued interest in hearing your thoughts and ways we can improve.  You can e-mail us at any time to share your thoughts and as always, we will immediately work to incorporate your ideas into our programming.

Again, I thank you for your patience with and loyalty to Gremolata over the past few months.  Going forward, we hope to deliver more enhancements based on your feedback.  This is your Gremolata and we are committed to making it the number one food and drink Web site where you will always be “in the know”.

Cheers and Have a Great Weekend...


James Geneau

Partner – Gremolata.com


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