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Gremolata Interview with Mayor David Miller

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By Malcolm Jolley

Gremolata caught up with Toronto's Mayor, David Miller recently to discuss some very serious matters of public record...

Gremolata: Do you have a favourite Toronto neighbourhood to shop for food in?

Mayor David Miller: I generally shop in my own neighbourhood in the west end - Bloor West Village. There is a great butcher, several small green grocers with fresh produce and fruit, a fishmonger, cheese shops and great European delis. I have most of what I could need for a regular night's supper within walking distance.

Gremolata: Since running for and becoming Mayor, have you tried any new foods or cuisines?

Mayor David Miller: I've been privileged to be able to try food from just about every country in the world.

Gremolata: Do you have a regular restaurant that you visit?

Mayor David Miller: We go to Vesuvio's, Merlot, and North of Bombay quite a bit, and of course our kids like to go to Swiss Chalet with us.

Gremolata: Is there a food that, for you, is quintessentially Torontonian?

Mayor David Miller: Toronto is so multicultural that it is equally Torontonian to have Thai chicken curry or fresh Italian pasta.

Gremolata: . Is there any food that you just don't like?

Mayor David Miller: I can't stand pickled beets! I think they're awful.


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