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Summer Road Trip - Eastern Ontario & Quebec

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By Fresh Bites

We are about to embark on a great experiment.  Want to come along for the ride?

Between July 26th and August 1st, we are taking a trip and we want you to join us as we discover the great culinary adventures in our own backyard.  It is Gremolata’s Culinary Escapes, a tour of some great getaways and some phenomenal local food.  This will be a bit of an experiment for Gremolata and we are thrilled to be using the powerful mediums of Twitter and Facebook to share the experience with all of you.  Every farm, table, and delicious bite will be shared LIVE with our Twitter audience and we will share updates and photos as well with our Facebook fans.  We want the experience to be one you can enjoy as well – in a virtual sense.  Where we go and what we see, you are invited to take part in this delicious experiment.

This is a first, as far as we know, in food and drink reporting.  The world is changing fast and information is being shared at a surreal pace.  We embrace technology and new mediums here at Gremolata and we are taking a bold step to bring you something innovative.  Something we hope you will enjoy and be inspired by.

We will start with a trip to Prince Edward County on SUNDAY.  Here, we will be visiting with Gremolata’s county correspondent Cynthia Peters who will take us on a tour of some the finest food and drink in and around this bountiful area of the province.  We will be searching for great local wines, fresh food, and unique experiences.  This will be topped off with a great meal celebrating all things local.

The next day, we will be heading to Ottawa, Canada’s capital for a few days of great culinary adventures.  On MONDAY, we will take a tour of the Byward Market with Le Cordon Bleu Cooking School Ottawa, the only school in Canada connected with the famous French institution of gourmet cuisine.  With fresh ingredients, we will take part in a cooking class with Le Cordon Bleu and share some great techniques for everyday cooking, LIVE via Twitter.  Later that day, we will attend the premiere of a great new film from Sony Pictures.  Julie & Julia intertwines the lives of two women who, though separated by time and space, are both at loose ends... until they discover that with the right combination of passion, fearlessness and butter, anything is possible.  We are thrilled to be attending the premiere and will be reporting all of the action as it happens.

On TUESDAY, we head south of Ottawa to visit a cranberry bog, play with friendly goats, and learn more about vegetable production.  Plus, there will be fantastic fruits and other local products tasted along the way.  A local lunch, catered by the Branch Restaurant will tempt our taste buds and the evening will be spent exploring great food and drink in the capital.

On WEDNESDAY, we will head east of Ottawa savoring delicious seasonal fruit, touring greenhouses, and meeting eye-to-eye with some gorgeous Angus cattle. There will also be many other scrumptious local products tasted along the way. A local lunch, catered by a Cordon Bleu trained farmer will be sure to wow and we will report every delicious bite.  That evening, we will move onwards to Lac Simon to report on the great culinary experiences in Quebec’s Outaouais region.  Local duck pate, fresh preserves, and relaxing times on the lake will be part of our Quebecois country experience over the next two days and we will report our findings LIVE.

Finally, on FRIDAY evening we will head to Elora, Ontario in time for Food Day Canada – The World’s Longest BarbecueSATURDAY, August 1st, is the official day, and we will be joining Anita Stewart and several other great Ontario producers for a celebration of all things local.  We will be reporting LIVE from the event and throughout the day, we will be sharing some great ideas for making your Food Day, the best ever!

On the following MONDAY, August 3rd, we will return with our Daily Fresh Bites of what is happening in and around Southern Ontario.  We will also be returning with our daily LCBO Wine Pick and Featured Book of the Day.  Until then, we hope you will come along on our delicious journey.

Not following us on Twitter?  What are you waiting for?  We start our journey this coming Sunday and will reporting all our adventures LIVE as they happen.  CLICK HERE to join in the adventure!

Prefer to get updates via Facebook?  We will be posting some daily updates on our Facebook Fan page all week.  To be a fan, simply .

Have a great week folks!  We look forward to sharing our adventure with all of you!


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