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Food Day Recipe #2: Frederique's Fabulous Garlic Steak

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By Anita Stewart

My friend Frederique Philip came to Canada from France in 1978 and moved to Vancouver Island the following year. As the co-owner of Sooke Harbour House, one of the finest inns on earth, she has very little time to cook for herself.  Her dinners are simple and fast and full of flavour.  She showed me this amazing recipe when she visited Elora one autumn.  

The amounts can be varied to your personal taste and how many servings you need. Grilled medium-rare with fresh garlic from the Guelph Farmers Market; it was the best steak I’ve ever eaten.  We drank the best Niagara red wine that we could afford and I served it with barbecue-roasted Bijou Rouge potatoes, a variety which will be in general distribution soon.  Watch for them…they taste as though they’ve already been buttered.  


For each serving:


One 4 – 6 oz filet or strip loin

Salt, as needed

1 – 2 garlic cloves

1 tsp (5 mL) slightly softened butter


Lightly salt the steak and grill to the desired doneness.  Meanwhile crush a clove or two of garlic onto the dinner plate.  Top with the butter and when the steak is done, simply lay it on top.   Grind on a bit of black pepper.  


Serves One

Enjoy, and remember to create your own local dish on Food Day, August 1st!


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