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Learning a Lesson About Smoked Meat

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By James Geneau

Oh how I miss Montreal at times.  Especially when it comes to Smoked Meat.  Luckily, on a recent trip to Montreal, I was able to sneak into my favorite smoked meat joint, Schwartz's, for a little nibble and a lesson on making Montreal's legendary Smoked Meat Sandwich!  This was actually sent out to ALL of Gremolata's Twitter family members in a step-by-step broadcast.  Needless to say, the instant feedback we recieved was overwhelming with people sharing their thoughts on the many happy moments they had covered in smoked meat and mustard in Montreal's most famous deli.  And so, we have included some of our photos and the step-by-steps to making their famous sandwich!

Step One: Slice the smoked meat. Schwartz’s does not add any chemicals to their briskets.  Instead, they prepare smoked meat the old-fashioned way using a secret blend of fine herbs and spices marinated for 10 days. They smoke their meat daily and they contain no preservatives.

Step Two: Pile it on top of the bread.  Your choice, but rye is the best.

Step Three: Add some mustard.  You can use a variety of types here but for our sandwich, we used good old-fashioned American-style yellow mustard.  Of course, spicy is also a good choice.

Step Four: Assemble and lay flat.

Step Five: Slice and serve.  It is important to cut width-wise to keep the integrity of the bread to meat ratio.  When you pile this much smoked meat onto two thin slices of bread, it can hard to keep it all together.  Quickly wrap and serve.  OR plate and devour!  Either way, make sure you have plenty of napkins handy!


Schwartz’s rocks! No only you need to know how you smoked meat is done, but you also need to know how to order it to the waiter.

Here are the rules: http://www.tourisme-montreal.org/Blogs/Epicurean-Life/Schwartz-s-Restaurant-it-s-all-about-smoked-meat
Post Reply By katerine in MONTREAL on 7/14/2009 9:48:53 AM

I've gotta say. I was working a slow night on the line when you Twittered the entire meal. You were killing me!!!!! I'm grilling up Black Angus strips and sauteeing salmon and all I can taste is Montreal Smoked Meat!!!!!!!!!

Great bit on Schwartzs and keep up the Twitering. My suggestion......The Carnegie Deli in NYC!!! Their pastrami is as good as Schwartzs Montreal style. ANd the cheesecake?? i would have climbed on top to sing it's praises but i was afraid that a fall from such a height might hurt like hell!!!!!!
Post Reply By thehiddenchef in EAST YORK on 6/24/2009 2:26:06 PM

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