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Cheap Wines for a Cheap Pocket 005

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By James Geneau

This weekend, let's head south to Argentina for a wine that is not the cheapest out there but still a bargain for around $14.00 at your local wine store.  Again, this will not blow you off your seat, but is still a decent vintage for day to day use.

2006 Trumpeter Malbec

When it comes to value, Malbec is probably the best choice these days, especially those coming from Argentina.  The 2006 Trumpeter Malbec is one of these value-focused vintages suitable for day-to-day enjoyment when you are looking to save a few dollars while still enjoying a half-decent bottle of vino.  This wine has a deep violet colour, berry aromas, and hints of spice on the nose.  Expect lots of cherries and dark berries on the tongue with perhaps a splash of spice.  This is your everyday weekly dinner at home wine, especially with something spicy.



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