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Cheap Wines for a Cheap Pocket 004

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By James Geneau

Wow, another contestant from Italy!

It has been a few days and I was thrilled to come across another Italian red full of flavor for little bling.  After all, we all have to save these days...well, that's debatable when it comes to good wine.  Spend the savings on some good quality grass-fed meat for this weekend's Winter hibernation stew.  And at around $8.00, pick up two bottles of this wine to compliment it.
Mezzomondo Negroamaro Rosso 2007

The next contestant on "The Price is Right" is Mezzomondo Negroamaro Rosso, Come on Down!  What else can we say.  Another Italian wine full of flavor at a price that cannot be beat.  Look for a deep ruby-red colour, aromas of cherry and a hint of vanilla.  On the tongue, expect ripe cherries, plum, and woody oak.  A pleasant wine for pizza and games night or curled up watching your favorite game show.


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