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Cheap Wines for a Cheap Pocket 001

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By James Geneau

So, we are officially in a recession and god only knows when we will be out of it.  So, like everyone else on the block...I am looking for economical day-to-day wines we can all enjoy without breaking the bank.  Or, as I like to call it...methods to save some money so you can splurge on the weekend!

So, here are two picks I found at my local LCBO.  Now, keep in mind that these are not the best vintages, but they are not half bad considering everyone's desire to keep things a little less bling these days.  After all, saving money from Monday to Thursday means you can go nuts on the weekend...true consumerism!

So, here are my bargain picks of the week...

Trapiche Cabernet Sauvignon

Average Price: $8.00-9.00

A bargain wine from Argentina offering a brilliant red colour, with aromas of black fruit and a hint of spice.  When it comes to wines at a lower price point, this one is top-notch.  Sure, it will never be the choice selection at the private clubs - but this is a great little wine for the home.  A glass while cooking, reading a good book, or watching the boob tube works just fine.  Look for hints of blackberry and red fruits.

Trapiche Malbec

Average Price: $8.00-9.00

Another wine from Trapiche that is well priced for the times.  This is the most well respected grape from Argentina and this wine is a decent representation.  It has a violet colour with aromas of plum and cherries.  This is carried through into the palate along side hints of vanilla.  Given the price, this wine could become a daily ritual.  Enjoy!

There you have it, some great wines for the recession times.  Buy a bottle then come back and share your thoughts on Gremolata.com!!!  We value your feedback!


My fave cheap wines are the magnums from Italy and Chile. All of them are useful. You'll get Euro style dryness and length in the finish from Italian mags, ranging $11 - 15 for TWO bottles worth. And you'll get the party fleshy fruity wines from Chile in the North Amrican appeal style, same price range. So this all works out to $6 to $7.50 a bottle.
Post Reply By Dean on 1/16/2009 10:34:44 AM

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