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Big Fat Burrito

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By Lorette C. Luzajic

John Bennett, chef and restaurateur extraordinaire, graced my presence recently for a little trip to Kensington Market to get some bay leaves and Latin American chili peppers. We stopped in at Graffiti’s for some terminally loud head-banging and an equally volatile number of pints and tequila chasers. It was delightful and incongruous to find a stack of Fab Magazines in this punk rock paradise, and I realized with pleasure how far we’ve come. I hark from an era when I and my fruits du jour got chased out of Kensington Market by homo haters. Now we are not just welcome but teeming at every bar and nosh pit in the market.
Well, you get hungry after imbibing the local waters and not too many kitchens in the area are open late. And I felt like meat: probably impolite and incorrect with so many vegan salonists and artistes in the hood, but that’s what I was craving, a giant slab of satisfying meat. I felt untamed and barbaric and probably acted like it, too, when I marched up to the counter and demanded something stuffed with red meat and lots of tasty vegetables.
Well, well, well- Big Fat Burrito is like a dream at a time like this. They literally stuff every good thing and lots of it into their exquisitely-contained tubular tortillas. Every manner of deliciousness drizzles ever-so-politely at your lip corner, leaving your hands free to man this mammoth cornucopial opulence. The thing is bursting with guacamole, tender pulled pork, jalapeños, lettuce, tomatoes, salsas, onions, and sauces. It’s actually oozing. Oh, and cheese. Yeah, cheese. Cheeeeeeese. Yeah. I admit that stumbling upon this thing set off something compulsive. I have left my East York dwelling four times since last Thursday- yep, it’s Tuesday- to have a Big Fat Burrito. I have tried the pulled  pork, steak, chicken and veggie. I’m going back again soon, probably tomorrow. Smother the thing with that  surreally neon green habanero sauce if you don’t care much about your esophagus, or if you live for  extreme kicks.

Big Fat Burrito,
Augusta near College, Toronto


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