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3 Facts About Ferran Adria

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By Malcolm Jolley

Fact 1: Of the four North American cities Chef Ferran Adria is visiting this week to promote his new book, A Day at elBulli, the first he chose to visit begins with a "T" and ends with an "O", and it's not Toledo. (The other three are NYC, LA and SF.)

Fact 2: At approximately 5 PM EDT this evening, in a U of T theater packed with several hundred fans and students, THE BEST CHEF IN THE WORLD promised to return to Toronto with his creative team to look for inspiration.

Fact 3: At approximately 6 PM EDT this evening at the same place, to the same people, Chef Adria repeated his pledge. (I think he had a good time in Hogtown, eh.)

Some more non-fiction about Ferran Adria in Toronto...

A) None of this would have happened without Alison Fryer of The Cook Book Store, who consistently gets the best chefs in the world to come to her best shop in the world;

B) When I interviewed THE BEST CHEF IN THE WORLD this morning he absolutely beamed about the local food and wine served here (which probably has a lot to do with Fact 2); and

C) The interview will be up tomorrow afternoon - the guy is more than a genius he's funny, generous and a true gentleman. He also has a lot of surprising (at least to me) things to say...


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