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It is Alive! Gremolata That Is...

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By James Geneau

Wow, what a week.  I have to say that I am a little overwhelmed by the new platform we launched on September 25th.  You see, I am Malcolm Jolley's business partner with Gremolata.com.  It is really a "Foodie & The Geek" relationship.  Malcolm is the big foodie with the passion for exceptional food and drink where I am the technology geek, always looking for new and better ways to use the Web and bring people together.  It works well, and we have both been swamped this past year getting ready for the new Gremolata.com.

Don't get me wrong, I also LOVE good food and drink.  This is the main reason I started this project with Malcolm.  You see, when we decided to change Gremolata into a one-stop source for foodies, we sat back and asked our loyal members what they thought of the current site and what they would like to see more of.  The response was overwhelmingly in favor of connecting people with good food and drink.  And so, we changed our business model and our tag-line to "Good Food & Drink.  Connecting People."

Great tag-line, but what does this mean?  Well, we at Gremolata believe that the world of good food and drink is in a crisis.  The days when people understood where their food came from, the journey it took from farm to table, and the basics of preparation are long gone.  Food has become a burden and not a priority.  A shame given that the one thing we need more than anything on earth to survive is food.  It is my personal belief that we stopped looking at our food as a priority when we stopped talking about it on a daily basis.  As society grew, cities became larger, and cultures changed, we lost the daily local connection with the farmer and the soil.

So, what happened?  Well, we had other priorities and bigger things to talk about as members of the human race.  Many, many, years ago, we would have bought our food from a farmer directly or shopped in the town square.  It was our one place where we gathered and interacted with the other member of our town or village.  We bought or traded goods for our food, went home, cooked a meal for our families and ate it together.  The key thing here is that food played an important role in how we communicated with each other.

This is what we want to recreate with the new Gremolata.com.  We can't bring back the good old days of town squares and their role in helping us connect with food.  We can try, but it is a long hard battle.  What we can do, however, is use Web technology to recreate it.  The new Gremolata.com is society's new "town square" for good food and drink.  Here, members can find all the resources they need to make good decisions about food and drink.  In the coming months, we will be adding even more features allowing people to connect and share with others and start an important dialogue about where our food comes from, and meet new people with a passion for good food and drink.

This is what makes the internet so powerful.  Four years ago, Gremolata started as a simple e-mail to 150 friends.  Today, it is a place where millions of people can connect with food, drink, and each other.  Last Thursday, we launched a great new tool for humans to reconnect with the basic necessity of life, and it is only going to get better!  We look forward to the future this new platform is going to bring.  Come join us on the journey.


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