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Durum Wheat Tagliatelle Pasta with Chick Peas

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By Cinzia Rascazzo


Serving Size:  6

Class:    Easy (under 1 Hour)

Pasta and chick peas?  In Puglia, where Arabic influences have played a major part of the local cuisine this is rather common.  In fact, this is one of the most traditional and representative recipes from the cuisine of Puglia, which is based on lots of fresh pasta, legumes, and vegetables.

Puglia is home to the peasant cuisine (cucina povera) and so legumes, which are rich in proteins, are eaten at least twice per week and instead of meat.  Fresh tagliatelle pasta in Puglia are made without eggs (which would be more typical in the North of Italy), but only with durum wheat and water.

This recipe is mainly made in the Lecce area, where it is called "ciceri e tria". This is a dialect espression, which in Italian would tranlate into "pasta e ceci".  The local name of this recipe demontrates the arabic influence (one of the many influences we had) in our cuisine. In fact tria (pasta in Italian) comes from the arabic "itrya".

This recipe is one of the many we teach at the Stile Mediterraneo Cooking School in Puglia, Italy.


For the Chick Peas:

1 lb Dried Chick Peas

1 pinch Baking Soda

2 litre Water

1 Garlic Clove

1 Small Red Onion

1 Carrot

2 Bay Leaves

1 Stalk Celery, chopped

3 Cherry Tomatoes

1 Teaspoon of Sea Salt

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Red Hot Chili Pepper

½ Cup of Parsley, chopped

For the Durum Wheat Tagliatelle Pasta:

1 lb Durum Wheat Flour

2/3 Cup of Warm Water

1 Teaspoon of Sea Salt


Soak the chick peas overnight (12-16 hours), with a pinch of baking soda.

Then, drain the chick peas and place them in a deep pan.

Cover with two liters fresh water and add the garlic clove, the red onion, the chopped carrot, the bay leaves, the cherry tomatoes and celery.

Then, add the salt, cover the pan and lower the flame to the minimum. Cook for about three to four hours until the chick peas become very tender.

While the chick peas cook, make the handmade pasta.

The best pasta for this recipe are the tagliatelle. After you make the dough with durum wheat, sea salt and water, cut the tagliatelle with the machine or by hand.

Let the tagliatelle dry for a few hours.

When the chick peas are ready, deep fry some of the tagliatelle in extra virgin olive oil until they get crunchy and brown. Dry them with paper towels.

Remove the bay leaves and garlic from the chick peas, add more water if necessary and raise the flame.

Cook the other tagliatelle al dente and then add to the chick peas, with a pinch of chili pepper.

Reduce the flame to the minimum, add the chopped parsley and the fried pasta and keep stirring for a minute.

Serve with a very intense and fruity extra virgin olive oil.

Cook Smart Tip:

The key ingredients in this recipe are the bay leaf and the fruity extra virgin olive oil. Serve right away or the pasta overcooks.  This dish would be a whole meal in Puglia and is great alongside a crisp white wine on the patio.


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