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The Good Food Revolution Has Begun. How Will You Help It?

Founded in 2004, Gremolata has grown from a humble e-mail newsletter to a food and drink phenomenon. Today, we are the leading tool and resource for allowing those with a passion for good, sustainable, and responsible food and drink to share, connect, and grow!

Each day, we attract a dedicated audience of food and drink stakeholders who rely on our site to share their thoughts, learn new things, and grow personally. They are passionate about good food and drink. Gremolata provides them with the vehicle to connect with like-minded "foodies" and we hopeā€¦make the world a better and more delicious place!

You Can Support Our Members Through Advertising!

The Gremolata Web platform is designed to be a free service for our members. To keep the lights on, we present advertising suitable to the audience we interact with. Many great companies have shown support through advertising and have helped to contribute to the good food discussions here at Are you one of them? If good food and drink and the ability to bring people together for the good of humanity is important to you, we should chat. We offer great ways to customize an advertizing campaign to meet your unique budget needs and your ad sales go directly towards our efforts of supporting the online "good food revolution".

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Have an Interesting Idea to Promote Good Food and Drink? Let's Discuss!

We love chatting about innovative ways to promote good food and drink. After all, it is our mission. Do you have an organization dedicated to sustainable food? Perhaps you represent a group of local "foodies" searching for an outlet to discuss their ideas. Maybe you are a corporate entity interested in giving back to the good food community? is always ready and willing to take on new and exciting projects to help all stakeholders in the world of good food and drink.

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You Want Help From Us? The Nerve!

Just kidding. We live to support our members and the community as a whole. We realize that not everyone can pay for advertising and flashy campaigns in their efforts to support local food and drink. It is the reason we built the new to be a free communications tool to share your message. At the same time, we love to collaborate with like-minded foodies interested in making the world a healthier place and support them any way we can through our site.

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