About Gremolata... A Story of Good Food and Drink

It is time for a real discussion about good food and drink.

This is Gremolata's call to action.

We live in a world where good, local, and responsible food and drink is hard to come by. We have evolved from being farmers, to cooks, to simply eaters - and today, as a society we have very different values when it comes to good food and drink. Gremolata.com is about bringing food back into the center of our daily life through a community of like-minded and passionate people.

Gremolata's Mission:

Provide a virtual space for all players in the "good food revolution" including farmers, food artisans, chefs, and "foodies" to connect and share. Enhance the well-being of people everywhere by empowering those with a story to share about good food and drink, and providing them with a forum for communicating their values and ideas. To be the leading resource for all stakeholders in the "good food revolution" to promote unity, sustainability, and longevity in creating a better world where food and drink is central to our daily life.

Gremolata's Values:

The greatest moments in our day and our life can surround the simplest of pleasures, and good food and drink is the simplest of these pleasures. People are passionate about the things that bring them joy, and we encourage this in everything we do. We are a company focused on facilitating opportunities for people to connect with the things they are passionate about. Our members, readers, and supporters are our focus and we value their input in everything we do. We are conscious of the environment and the need to promote a sensible balance between enjoying both life and the land.

Join The Discussion:

Gremolata has developed a technical solution for those passionate about good food and drink. However, it is only as powerful as the people who use it. This is a place for the farmer, the winemaker, the food artisan, and the professional chef. It is a place for the food activist, the author, the culinary travel specialist, and the nutritionist. In summary, it is the place where all members of the "good food revolution" come together to grow and prosper, together.

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